General information

I offer treatment for statutory insured clients as well as for private insured clients and for direct payers.

To coordinate the set-up for a treatment and its process, please get into contact with me. In a first interview, you can explain your situation and get some information about possible ways of treatment. For this initial clinical interview you do not need a letter of referral. After the first session there are usually 3 more sessions which are called “probatorische Sitzungen” or “probatory sessions“. During these sessions a diagnosis will be made as well as a plan for the next steps in the treatment. But most importantly, we will use these sessions to figure out if we’d like to work with each other.

General set-up

After we decided to work together, we will have weekly sessions which are usually around 50 minutes.

By taking into account the individual problems and goals, the decision is made either for a short-term-treatment (24 sessions) or a long-term treatment (60 sessions). An extension for up to 80 sessions is possible under certain circumstances. For direct payers the length of the therapy will be coordinated individually.

Applicable to all conversations, I am liable to the doctor-patient confidentiality.

Process and payment modalities differ depending on your type of health insurance respectively if you decide to pay directly. Information to the different modalities is found bellow:

Statutory health insurance

Even for statutory insured clients there is a possibility to start a treatment with me, although I am working in a private practice. This possibility is called “Kostenerstattung”. Basic condition to be able to start a therapy over “Kostenerstattung” is, that you’ve tried to find an open spot at a psychotherapist licensed by the statutory health insurance companies in a reasonable latency, without any success. In this case you can apply for psychotherapy with me at your health insurance company. If you need help, I am happy to support you during that time. If you have any questions, please contact me.

If a first appointment is offered and organized by your insurance company please keep the appointment and ask the psychotherapist about her or his latencies and the possible beginning of a therapy.

There are some basic clues concerning the “Kostenerstattung“ in the following:

  • Please make a listing about your efforts finding a therapist licensed by the statutory health insurance companies. It should contain names and dates of at least 5 therapists and a note concerning the latency.
  • You need a letter of referral from your doctor which says that a psychological treatment is absolutely necessary and cannot be put on hold any longer.
  • You need to apply in written form for the “Kostenerstattung“ at your insurance company. There are different examples found online or you can ask me for a pre-formulated application. You only need to fill in the corresponding information.
  • In addition you need a written confirmation from me in which I attest that I have an open therapy spot in the next coming weeks which I can offer.
  • Your health insurance company is legally bound to pay respectively refund you for costs concerning unpostponable services, f. e. a psychological psychotherapy (§ 13 Abs. 3SGB V).

The professional fee as resolved upon by the Gebührenordnung für Psychotherapeuten and EBM is currently at 101,30€ for one session of 50 minutes. If your insurance company doesn`t cover for all the costs, the difference will be charged privately.

Private health insurance

The costs for a psychotherapeutic treatment are usually covered fully or at least partly by private health insurance companies or so called “Beihilfestellen“ or aid agencies after the correct application for it. Please check out the conditions for the acceptance of the payment for a behavioral therapy at your health insurance company in advance.

If you have any questions concerning the process, please feel free to call me so we can figure out the conditions for a therapy at your insurance company.

The professional fee as resolved upon by the Gebührenordnung für Psychotherapeuten and EBM is currently at 101,30€ for one session of 50 minutes.

Direct payer

If you do not want your health insurance company to be informed about the beginning of a psychotherapy you can also choose to pay for the treatment privately. This might be helpful if you plan to apply for other insurances which require a health status in the future or if an appointment as a tenured German civil servant is in reach.

Please call me if you are interested in that model. After a phone conversation about the modalities we can make an appointment for a first interview.

The professional fee as resolved upon by the Gebührenordnung für Psychotherapeuten and EBM is currently at 101,30€ for one session of 50 minutes.